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Product Market Fit

The most innovative service we offer US and Canadian startups is to leverage a very large database of SMEs and individuals we own, along with the low-cost and very diverse options offered by social media and advertising in Mexico, to allow you to test your product or concept without the risk, and relatively under the radar. What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, but the cultural and sociological proximity between Mexico and the US allows for real insight to be gained without risk and at a fraction of the costs.

Some of the previous engagements we carried out include:

  • a series of sixty workshops and focus groups to validate an interactive ebook concept for an edutech startup

  • piloting of a web application for accountants to search for financial products they could offer their clients, with a commission, to act more as real on-demand CFOs

  • beta testing of a payment mobile app that helped invalidate the concept and pivot to a different business model

  • real-time credit approval based on an opentelco model

  • concept testing of a minimum viable product for an HRtech solution, with testing currently running

MVPs can be very advantageously deployed in the Mexican market to ascertain product-market fit, gather feedback, pivot, test again, before porting the idea to the US market.

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