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Business and IT consultants

We offer four types of services,​ each coming with a specific proprietary methodology. Alternatively, our consultants can adapt to your methodology.

Our cloud architects can help you setting up and managing AWS, IBM, Google or Azure instances. Examples of missions we delivered in the past are:

  • complete setup of a multi-cloud landscape for a FINTECH startup, to extract, transform and store over five million json files a day

  • value engineering mission showing a cost comparison of the main public cloud offerings for an EDUTECH startup

  • setup of devops flow to integrate IBM cloud, JIRA, GitHub and HubSpot and automate support package releases and ticket management

  • landscape setup and recommendation of the best admin company to manage startup landscape

  • dual cloud-onpremise business continuity and disaster recovery framework, allowing for cloud application mirror and real-time synchronization

Our product managers are available on-demand to conduct any or all of the product lifecycle items: solution architecture, strategic roadmap, market requirement document (MRD), ideation phase, use case documentation, detailed specifications, enablement kits and product marketing assets.

Our UX designers can help you wireframe and develop complex, innovative user interfaces. We can also conduct UX research and validation at much lower costs. The detail of our methodology is available in the product-market fit section.

We pioneered the use of the SQUAD methodology and the PRODUCT LEAD GROWTH methodology. Those approaches are achieving high adoption in the startup world. We can set up the framework and the KPIs for your startup to successfully implement and use those tools.

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