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Full IT desks setup

Mexico is ideal for a US or Canadian startup to set up a development center. The concept of nearshoring is not new. Nearshoring traditionally offers optimal solutions for companies that want to outsource processes in order to maximize business efficiency but reduce the barriers of traditional offshoring. Compared to offshoring, the benefits are, for example, no or little time shift as well as cultural differences, easy communication due to good language skills and fast but also cost-effective travel. A trip to Mexico City is a day trip from most large urban areas in the US.


Also, important to note, nearshoring it has become attractive to companies because the of the combination of advantage exchange rates with Mexico, increased costs in India, trade tension with China and the rapid maturation of the IT ecosystem in Latin America. Several years ago, Jalisco, land of tequila and mariachis, decided to call its high-tech sector “The Silicon Valley of Mexico.” The Jalisco electronics cluster comprises eight companies from among the Top 100 makers of global electronics, including Flextronics, Sanmina SCI and Solectron. There are also research and development centers for such companies as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, ST Microelectronics, and Siemens VDO. It is the fastest-growing industrial sector in Jalisco, making a strong contribution to the development of the community.  But many other technology clusters exist, in Merida, Queretaro or, of course, Mexico City. 

For startups, setting up development centers in Mexico offers five extremely attractive aspects:

  • a surprisingly high numbers of engineers graduating every year from universities, that are recognized as the best in the region, and on-par with American higher-education system

  • favorable labor laws, and by all accounts more business friendly than those of, for example, India, combined with ready-to-use outsourcing schemes allowing for flexible insourcing,of resources when it makes business sense 

  • favorable taxation of stock-options

  • a real appetite for startup work among Mexican graduates, fed by multiple startup successful exits

  • Significant Mexican federal and local grants, such as INADEM or Fondeso, to support startups, as well as special tax breaks for companies allowing the export of IT service.


We have deep expertise and a business network to allow your startup to set up a complete IT desk in any of the major IT hubs in Mexico, particularly Mexico City, Guadalajara and Merida. Interestingly, there is an increased demand for IT desks to be located in Puerto Vallarta.  Where best than beach to set up an IT center!

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